• Oral Presentation

    • The authors of each presentation are asked to bring Power Point (or PDF) slides and present their research in a podium presentation.
    • We will prepare a laptop computer for presentation, and authors are encouraged to use the conference computer for presentation, to avoid wasting time switching between personal laptops.
    • To avoid software compatibility problems (MS Power Point), speakers are advised to save their Power Point presentation on a USB memory stick. AND bring a backup version of their presentation.
    • Files should be uploaded to the local PCs in the session room during the breaks between the sessions.
    • Speakers should arrive in the session room 10 minutes BEFORE the start of their sessions to report to the session chair. (A proctor will also be available in case you need technical assistance.)
  • Visual Equipment

    • Each session room is equipped with following equipment.
      • Laptop computer
        (Windows 10, MS-office Power Point 2010, Adobe Acrobat Reader, USB port)
      • Smart pointer and mouse
      • Beam projector (RGB & HDMI Port)
      • Screen resolution
      • sound : only 3.5mm jack possible
    • Presentation File Ratio (4:3)
    • It is not recommended to bring your own laptop computer (especially MacBook) unless your presentation requires any special software and/or hardware.
    • If you would like to use any other A/V equipment, please inform us no later than November 4, 2022.